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Bar tour Budapest

A pub crawl is basically a guided tour of the nightlife of a given city, with stops at the mentionable places, with perhaps short explanations from the guides, a chance to buy some drinks and get a feel for the city. Our bar tour Budapest is a guaranteed success, and is definitely the best such tour available in the city of Budapest. We take our guests to the most places, and can switch it up and go to many different places, and we can tailor the route to suit the needs of the company, thereby not giving just a rehearsed and tired old route, but an actual night out, with the added bonus of seeing a face of the city that really defines but is not necessarily readily visible.

Come with us and see the nightlife in Budapest, experience some of the best bars and pubs to go to, dance late into the night, and see why this city is considered to be one of the best places for a backpacker to visit, and why it is being rebranded as one of the party capitals of Europe. Our meeting point is at the Oktogon at 9 PM, just look for the friendly guide in the AllNightCrash t-shirt, and the group of partying backpackers. You can join us later as well, if you wish, but the first pub is definitely worth going to, as this is where we host our famous power hour, which you definitely do not want to miss!

AllNightCrash Pub Crawl Budapest, Budapest,Oktogon 1,1066, +36 70 771 1775